How To Build A Profitable Website

Build a profitable website and earn daily passive income, sell products online, or generate leads for your service or business. I do. You can too! Let me show you how.

Many people have built a small website and then wonder why they don't earn any money. Ten years ago I was numbered with this group. Today I earn money from my websites every day 24/7/365.

Why Websites Fail

To earn money from your website you must avoid the obstacles that cause websites to fail. There are many reasons why this occurs. Here are a few:

Too Much Competition: Too often people create a website around a topic that has high competition. They fail to find a niche that has reasonable demand but little competition. The more competitive a website topic is the harder it will be to rank in the search engines. A competitive topic will require much more work to rank.

No Traffic: Without traffic, preferably free organic traffic from the search engines, you do not have an online business. Unlike a physical store/business, people do not just walk by and stop in to shop.

People must enter a search term called a keyword into the search engines to find your website. If you rank in the top thirty positions you have a chance they will click the search engine link to review your website.

Poor Keywords Used: Since people search by keywords, your page must use that term strategically through out your web page article. If you use the wrong keyword, then you may never be found even if you rank in the top position on the search engines for that term.

Poor Back Links: For your website to rank in the search engines you need quality back links. You want a link from authority sites with high "page rank" to link to your website using a keyword for which you want to rank. A link from a page with a PR7 (page rank 7) is better than a link from a page with a PR1.

According to a report I recently read titled "The Authority Codes", "One high-quality link is equal to 555 low-quality links!"

No Pre-Selling: People hate to be sold. What you say and how you say it will impact your sales. You need to learn the art of pre-selling to succeed online. To improve your writing download the free ebook "Make Your Words Sell" found on my page about web content writing.

Build A Profitable Website

To build a profitable website you must overcome the obstacles listed above. The way I overcame these barriers to success was to build my websites with Site Build It! tools (new window) and follow their process.

Any web hosting company can sell you a bare bones website. I tried that route and failed several times. My success came when I learned how to:

  • Brainstorm A Profitable Niche.
  • Research The Right Keywords.
  • Build Quality Content.
  • Get Quality Back Links.
  • Get Free Organic Traffic.
  • Pre-Sell.
  • Monetize My Web Traffic.

Site Build It! teaches you how to build a profitable website. They also include all the tools you need to make that happen. You just add brains, a positive attitude, and motivation.

Take a free video tour of Site Build It! and find your profitable niche.

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