Start A Small Business On A Shoestring Online!

Start a small business on a shoestring. It is easier than you may think.

Perhaps you have subscribed to the belief that it takes a lot of money to make money. While in some cases that has some validity, it isn't always true.

Small business on a shoestring

You can start a small business on a shoestring. I have started several small businesses without a large investment. Once I started a lawn mowing business on only $5,000 and a small loan for equipment.

I have also started a real estate rental business with a partner's down payment. We call that OPM (other people's money). In essence, I bought my first rental property using a nothing down technique.

You can start an online business with as little as $299. What to use OPM? Charge it to your credit card.

Two things are more critical than cash. They are brains and motivation.

You need a brain, but you don't need to be an Einstein. All you need is a good business idea, a niche.

The greatest idea is only an idea if you don't act on it. That is why having motivation is so critical to success. It is motivation that drives you to act upon your idea. If you don't act, then someone else will.

Start A Small Business On A Shoestring Online!

If you only have a small amount of money, then starting an online business is the way to go. The startup costs are negligible. Most likely you already own most of the equipment you need to start this business.

Equipment Needed

You only need a decent personal computer, Internet access, and Site Build It!

You don't need to buy expensive web design software like Dreamweaver® ($399), or a keyword research tool like Wordtracker ($329 per year), or a web host ($12.95 - $50.00 per month), or a domain name for your website ($35 per year). Site Build It includes all of these tools and more in an easy to use web business building system for only $299 per year.

I use Site Build It! to build all of my websites. Not only can I build a website with SBI, I'm building an online business on a shoestring. You can too!

Your largest investment in an online business is your time, not money. That is why it is an ideal business for people without money.

Education Needed

No special education is needed to start an online business. You do not need a college degree. You could be a high school dropout!

You just need basic computer skills like knowing how to type in a word processor and clicking a mouse button. You don't even need to know the computer language HTML, Site Build It takes care of that for you.

If you use SBI to build your online business on a shoestring, Site Build It will teach you all you need to know to build a successful business online. They have formulated the world's only online self-study e-business course that delivers success! I took this course and it works!

I tried in the past to build an online business only to go nearly bankrupt using pay per click advertising campaigns. Now I get paid every month for people to put ads on my websites. The tables are turned. And that is only the beginning!

The best part is SBI teaches you how to use C T P M to create an online business on a shoestring.

You learn how to create in-demand Content that people want. This attracts more free targeted Traffic from the search engines.

Next, you learn how to Presell those visitors to your offers. Only then can you Monetize your presold traffic.

This course that comes with Site Build It at no extra cost, teaches you many ways to earn money online. I covered some of these topics in my article Earn Money Online - Ka-ching!

I love working from home and earning money online. You will too!

Passion Needed

The next secret ingredient to building a small business on a shoestring online is passion.

What do you know? What excites you? A hobby? A passion? Any interests? Experience? Turn your passion and knowledge into monthly income.

Your passion will give you ideas to explore into a niche. Your knowledge will make it easier to create content that people want. Add in Site Build It! and you will have what you need to create a small business on a shoestring.

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