7 Candle Home Business Ideas

Start a candle home business online. The candle making business offers you a way to earn money at home. There are many ways to earn money from candles. Here are a few business ideas.

Candle Home Business

There are seven ways to make money with candles. They are:

  • You can make them and then sell them online.
  • You can sell candle making supplies to candle makers.
  • You can buy candles wholesale and then re-sell them online.
  • You can sell candles through home parties.
  • You can join an MLM candle opportunity.
  • You can sell information on making candles online.
  • You can sell advertising on a website about candles.

As you can see there are many ways to earn money from candles. If you like to make them, that is one opportunity. This will take some time, but it can be creative and fun! It may also have the highest potential for income since you are cutting out the middle man.

Once you have made your candles, you will need to ship them to your customers. Again this is time consuming. As your business grows, you may also need to hire help. These are things to consider before making your choice on which candle business to start.

Lone Star Candle Supply (www.lonestarcandlesupply.com) offers molds, wicks, wax, and candle making equipment to candle makers. They are also an example of how you can make money with candles by selling supplies. Candle Wic (www.candlewic.com) is another source for your supplies.

If you prefer not to make the candles, but you still want to sell them you have three options. You can buy candles at wholesale and then sell them at retail from your website. Or, you can sell candles through home parties. The third way is to join a candle MLM opportunity and sell their products.

Be sure to find a true wholesaler if you want to buy wholesale and sell retail. Just because someone says they are a wholesaler, they may not be. Some people buy wholesale and then re-sell for a partial markup. This isn't true wholesale.

Candle Home Parties

Selling through home candle parties is a popular option for those who like these social sales parties. Party Lite®(www.partylite.com) offers you the opportunity to become a consultant and sell their products.

Gold Canyon (www.goldcanyon.com) also offers you the opportunity to host a candle and home decor party.

To succeed in the party business you will need to be a social person. You are dealing with people daily. You also need a business sense, as you need to network to find more party hosts.

MLM Candle Home Business

Another route you can take to sell candles that other companies make is to join a Multi-level Marketing company that specializes in candles.

Mia Bella (www.gourmetcandlelady.com) offers you the opportunity to not only sell their candles, but to build a sales organization. You also earn commissions from your organization sales.

Using the Internet is an excellent way to find distributors like yourself who want to build an MLM business. The article Put The "Net" Into Network Marketing (new window) explains a proven system to build an MLM business online.

Selling Candle Making Information Online

If you love to make candles for yourself, but would prefer not to handle physical products, consider selling candle making information. One way is to write your own "how to make candles" book. Your book can explain how to make candles and where to find ingredients.

Another idea is to create a video on making candles. Seeing how it is done is very helpful to some people. Your book and video would make a great combination.

If you make your book an eBook, i.e. a PDF file, you can make it immediately available as a download. If you use E-Junkie (www.e-junkie.com) for your shopping cart, they can safely hide your products from thieves. E-Junkie can be used with both digital and physical products such as candles.

You can also sell your digital products through ClickBank® (www.clickbank.com). They offer the ability to sell your products through affiliates. You still will need your own website which is basically an online sales letter.

Sell Advertising From Your Candle Website

Another way to build a candle home business is to build a website about candles. A website is just a collection of articles. Finding topics to write about is easy if you use SBI's Brainstorm It! tool (new window). This keyword research tool is one of many tools that come bundled in SBI's web building system.

Brainstorm It! will help you find thousands of keywords that people use to find websites about candles and every other topic too!

You just write helpful informational articles on each keyword. Once you have thirty or more articles, you will want to start building free traffic to your website. SBI is very good about providing you with the knowledge of how to build traffic.

Once you have traffic coming to your website, you can monetize that traffic by adding Google ads. All you need to do is submit your website to Google Adsense program. Once approved, you can paste some ad code into your page.

Every time a visitor clicks an ad, you get paid a fee. You don't have to make, ship, or do a thing. It is the perfect passive way to earn money online. I love it!

Read Google AdSense & SBI!...The Perfect Marriage Is Only The Beginning (new window) and learn more about this way to earn money from your website without any products.

Marketing Your Candle Home Business

Whatever candle home business you choose, you need a website. A website can reach customers for your candles. It can also reach distributors for your MLM program should you choose to go that route.

You need a website to earn money with Google Adsense. If you wish, you can also monetize your website with affiliate products. That is, sell other people's stuff.

Rosalind Gardner wrote The Super Affiliate Handbook. In this eBook she explains how she earned $436,797 In One Year Selling Other People's Stuff, that is, affiliate products. This is another excellent passive way to make money with your candle website.


People love candles of every type. You can start a candle home business and earn money online. Monetize your candle business website by selling candles, candle supplies, Google ads, affiliate products, or just information online.

Best of all you can stay home with your family. A candle business could be the key to your success.

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