Start A Gourmet Dog Treat Business

Start a dog treat business. Make dog training treats and gourmet dog treats. Learn to sell your creations online and locally. But before you begin, read this article and add to your education. My goal is to point you to reliable information.

Dog Treat Business

People who own and love dogs often pamper their pets. That means they buy dog treats. My wife and I bought several bags and boxes of different treats each week for our pooch for fourteen years.

And she was fussy. Our dog would not eat a plain Milk Bone®, it had to be a gravy covered one. Which she would lick off the gravy first, before eating it.

A visit to your local pet supply store will no doubt show you that there are several makers of dog treats. Can you compete? I believe you can if you find a niche and do it online and/or by mailorder.

Many dog owners are very conscious of what they feed their pets. Obesity avoidance and other health issues drive the search for healthy treats. Many dog owners are willing to pay a premium for healthy organic food. Appealing to a niche can separate your dog treat business from your competition.

Legal Issues

Do you plan to operate your dog treat business out of your home or from a commercial location? You will need to check your local zoning laws. This type of business may be subject to inspections and licensing.

If you plan to operate out of your home, will you have walk in customers or will you sell your goods online or by mailorder? This issue may be a concern to some of your neighbors. Objections often arise from the concern for high traffic and parking issues.

There isn't any substitute for quality advice from a good business lawyer. An hour of time spent discussing these issues will be money well spent. But before you spend any money on a lawyer, I would research want others in the business say.

Karen Freeman, author of the eBook “Bake Your Way To Success – Starting Your Own Gourmet Dog Treats Business” (new window) addresses these issues in her informative guide. Not only that, she gives her advice on nutritional information for dogs including the ingredients you need to avoid at all costs!

Her book is a complete operational guide for the dog treat entrepreneur. She covers the pros and cons of running a business out of your home vs. opening a shop in a business district.

She covers topics such as how to keep your business running like a well oiled machine. She is a good source for insider tips.

Dog Treat Bakery Equipment

As you grow your business you want to migrate to bakery equipment that will save you precious time. Here are two tools that can help you speed up your production:

  • Kook-E-King (
  • Formatic (

Dog Treat Recipes

Every dog treat business is built on recipes. Here are three sources for dog treat recipes. Make a few batches and let your dog tell you what he/she likes best.

Click here for Dog Treat Recipes

Marketing Your Dog Treat Business

There are three ways you should consider marketing your dog treats, biscuits, and cakes.

  1. Sell your products through your local pet stores.
  2. Sell your products online.
  3. Sell your products through mailorder.

I'm not an expert on local sales and distrubution. So I can't help you much here. I do however have experience in selling online and via mailorder. This is the method I would recommend.

Every business needs a website. For less than $1.00 per day, you can build a website that works. A website that draws thousands of people searching for your products.

When you follow SBI's CTPM process, around a targeted niche, you can reach these buyers for your products. I did and my first website ranks in the top 1% in free traffic. I get thousands of people to my website every day. You can too!

Below is a video that can give you a video tour of SBI and how it can help you succeed online.

Perhaps you feel you are too busy to build a website yourself. That is understandable if you are busy making dog treats. In this case I would recommend that you hire an experienced SBI website builder. Watch the following video and see if this is a viable option for you.


Mailorder is another way you can market your dog treat business and products. This method is more expensive than finding your customers online, but it can work if you are careful. The slow method is to place ads in dog magazines. They can be classified ads or display ads.

Today many ads direct the reader to the owner's website. You should do this too! The old fashioned way is to have your reader request free information or a catalog. You can still do this but realize it takes at least three months for your ad to appear in print.

The faster way is to rent mailing lists of people who have bought dog products through the mail. You will need to rent typically a minimum of 5,000 names and addresses. Multiply 5,000 times your printing cost and then add your postage and you will see just how expensive it is to use this mailorder method. Expect to pay thousands of dollars per mailing.

Believe me, mailorder is a labor intensive way to market your business. As soon as you can, you will want to employ the services of a print and mail company. They have the equipment to handle large volumes of printed mail.

Perhaps now, you can see why I recommend selling your products online. It is far cheaper to build a website yourself for $299.00 and a few months time. Even if you hire an SBI consultant, it will be cheaper than direct mail.

Research the dog treat business. Invest in any of the resources above and add an SBI website that is built on the CTPM process , (new window) and you will be in business sooner than you think.

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