Commercial Lawn Care Equipment You Need To Start Your Lawn Mowing Business.

Every legitimate lawn mowing business needs lawn care equipment like a commercial lawn mower, string trimmer, a leaf blower, and a utility trailer.

Commercial Lawn Mowers

You have many commercial lawn mower brands to pick from. I like John Deere, but there are others including but not limited to Toro, Scag, Ferris, Walker, Grasshopper, Ryan, Cub Cadet, Hustler, Jacobsen, Dixon, Dixie Chopper, Encore, Exmark, Everridge, Great Dane, Honda, and Yazoo.

If you buy a rider, the minimum engine size should be 20 HP. A 25 HP mower is better. Even a 20 HP will have trouble climbing a steep hill. In this case, backup the hill in reverse while cutting.

Zero-turn mowers are popular. The biggest drawback is they tear turf very easily. That will make your customer unhappy. Here is a tip. When you want to turn around with a zero turn mower, start in reverse first, slowly. Then move the opposite lever into the forward position to start your turn.

lawn care equipment

Not all lawns will accommodate a large rider. Some properties will have a small gate. You will need a mower with a narrow deck of 38 inches or less. I used a 38 inch walk behind mower for this situation where my 54 inch deck John Deere F725 couldn't fit.

Front mount mowers are favored by many lawn care specialists. It is easier to watch what you are cutting when the deck is out front. Another plus is, you are not packing the grass down before cutting it. This will give you a better cut. Front mount mowers will cut around a building close without stopping.

Keep your blades sharp. You will need to sharpen them weekly. Some operator sharpen them daily. A sharp blade will cut the blade of grass instead of tearing it.

Commercial String Trimmers and Leaf Blowers

As far as commercial string trimmers and blowers go, I like Stihl. Other brands include Echo, Husqvarna, John Deere, Cub Cadet, and Red Max.

Buy a string trimmer, or a line trimmer as some people call them, with a shield. When trimming around a tree, keep the shield near the tree to protect it. Your customers will not like their trees and landscaping damaged. Take proper care of your customer's property, and your customers will take care of you.

Utility Trailer and Landscape Trailer

A lawn care business needs a good utility trailer. You will need a trailer to transport your lawn care equipment. An enclosed trailer with a ramp, while costing more, will protect your lawn equipment from the weather and thieves. It may also help you save fuel as you drive.

I used a 12 foot Karavan open trailer with a wire mesh ramp. Beware about buying a utility trailer that has a solid aluminum board ramp. They will kill your gas mileage drastically. I know, I own one.

Utility landscape trailer brands include Karavan, Big Tex, Wells Cargo, Pace American, Lifetime, Featherlite, Iron Eagle, DTS, and Doolitle.

The biggest problem with trailers is keeping your turn signals operational. Trailer lights are easily damaged. Look for a trailer that protects your lights. Keep a few bulbs or light assemblies on hand.

Options to consider when purchasing your landscape trailer are a jack stand and a spare tire.

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