How To Start A Lawn Mowing Business That Pays You
$50 Per Hour!

A lawn mowing business is so simple, that even a teen can do it! $50 per hour? Is that legitimate? Of course! It happens every mowing day.

You see, when you are in business for yourself, you get to charge what you want. At least as much as the market will bear. The law of supply and demand will determine what you can charge in your market.

When you are in business for yourself you can also add a profit, in addition, over and above your labor cost and business expenses. 15% profit is reasonable. One manufacturing business I worked for many years ago required a 35% profit margin.

When I started my lawn mowing business in 1994, I didn't know how to set my pricing. I didn't know how much to charge. I didn't know what my costs would be. So I guessed, and as a result I didn't charge enough. Don't make that mistake, read my article Lawn Care Pricing.

legitimate lawn mowing business

Lawn Care Equipment

One of the first things you need to do, is select your lawn care equipment. The minimum equipment you will need are:

  • A commercial lawn mower.
  • A commercial string trimmer to trim around everything.
  • A commercial blower to remove grass clippings from driveways and sidewalks.
  • A landscape trailer with a ramp large enough to carry your lawn mower(s).
  • A vehicle to pull your trailer, preferably a pickup truck or van.
  • A measuring wheel to measure lawn sizes.

Assuming you are planning a full time business, you will need at least one commercial lawn mower. Don't buy a cheap residential version. They can't stand up to 8 to 12 hours of steady daily use. Commercial mowers are more rugged and are designed for this task.

My advice is to buy three commercial mowers if possible. A 54 inch or larger deck in a ridable front mount mower. A 38 inch walk behind that can fit through narrow gates that many home owners have. A 21 inch walk behind mower will be needed for tight areas and trimming.

If you can only afford one machine, I recommend that you buy a 38 inch walk behind or larger depending upon the types of lawns you will service. They sell for about $3,000. Some of these mowers have an optional cart that will allow you to stand up on it and use it as a rider.

What brand should you buy? My answer is that it is more important to have an excellent equipment dealer who can service your equipment quickly than any particular brand.

I had a John Deere dealer who would have his mechanic drop what ever job he was working on and perform what ever emergency repairs I needed. That is service!

Today if I were starting a lawn mowing business, I would have to reconsider who I would buy my equipment from. You see my faithful dealer sold his business out. His replacement doesn't give the same service, nor does he sell John Deere.

For more information on equipment for your lawn mowing business, read my article about Lawn Care Equipment.

Marketing - Getting Customers

The most important part of your business is getting customers and keeping them through good service. Without customers, you do not have a business.

The lawn mowing season runs from April to October in the northern states. In the southern states the season runs from March to November. Most customers don't call until the last moment. That means they call when the grass needed mowing yesterday or last week.

Still, you must be advertising for customers at least one month before the start of your season. I have measured lawns with the snow still present.

Back in 1994 when I started my lawn mowing business, I found that my local small town newspaper worked the best. I ran a 2 inch column ad in the Service Directory section of my newspaper all summer.

A major city newspaper 22 miles away, would have been far more expensive, and reached many areas that I couldn't service across the state.

Today I definitely would create an easy to make website. Many local people look online today for information about lawn services and lawn care. I would highly recommend SiteSell's Site Build It. (new window opens)

It is designed for non-technical people to experts to create a website that works. That means you will get traffic and then monetize your website by selling your services.

SiteSell offers a complete Action Guide that will train you in how to correctly create content that draws traffic. Traffic will result in sales. SiteSell has worked well for me. This is my second website using them.

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