Start A
Legitimate Home Based Business!

The easiest way to start a legitimate home based business is to offer a service. I have several friends that own their own business. Each one offers a service either to consumers or to other businesses.

I wrote about these businesses in my article on profitable business ideas.

The best legitimate home based business is the one you create from scratch. Begin by thinking about what skills you know. Can you turn these into a service business?

If you are a computer programmer, you can contract your services to local businesses. In a poor economy, as we are in today, businesses are reluctant to hire full-time employees. When they have a project that needs to get done, they hire freelance contract workers or temps.

Market your skills directly to your clients or contract with a temporary employee agency to find clients for you. Temp agencies have clients that are looking for temporary help. For a fee, they can help you find work.

The same idea works for graphic artists, engineers, or almost any other professional occupation.

Many tradesmen have long been self-employed. If you find yourself out of work, start your own business. What do you have to lose? If you are a plumber, start a plumbing service.

Think of all the homes that have gone into foreclosure. Many of these homes have been taken back by the banks. These are called REOs or real estate owned. These properties need to be maintained.

The lawns need to be mowed, and the properties need to be winterized in the northern climates. Winterizing means the windows need to be covered in plastic, and the water pipes drained. You can offer the banks these services.

If you are a licensed real estate agent you can offer your services to sell these properties. Banks want to get rid of these properties as fast as they can. Some will even sell them for less than the costs they have in the properties. This is a short sale.

A home based business does not mean that you stay home all the time. It just means it is home based. Your office is at home but your work may be done at your client's location.

So, start a legitimate home based business and profit while the majority of out of work folks compete for dwindling job opportunities. Here are a few more business ideas to help you brainstorm your business opportunity.

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