How To Start A
Legitimate Online Business
That Works!

Imagine owning a legitimate online business! It is simple to start. It has unlimited income potential. You can operate it from your home. You can start it today!

Today, more than ever, you need a legitimate home based online business. With the economy uncertain, and job security non-existent, you need an income stream that will continue as long as you live.

A legitimate online business can provide the security you desire. It is simple to start. You don't need a lot of money. You can start today.

I will share with you my years of experience of starting an online business. You will learn what to do, as well as, what not to do.

Avoid Scams

There are thousands of people online who are very willing to take your money and give you nothing of value in return. Many even claim to be a legitimate online business. You need to avoid these scam artists and plans that don't work.

One common "business opportunity" you will find online, are different sites that will sell you an instant website stocked with products to sell.

While the products are real, you just won't make any money with these. The problem is, you have a clone website that is essentially the same as thousands of other websites the company has sold to others.

Search engines see these websites as mirror websites or duplicates. They don't like duplicates so your website will not rank in the search engines even if they do list it. If you do not have traffic to your website, you can't possibly make a sale.

Avoid Get-Rich-Quick scams. They just don't work. There isn't any easy path to riches.

Mistakes To Avoid

In order to build a legitimate online business, you need to avoid these common mistakes.

There are two main mistakes that people make when they start an online business. First, they get a domain name (i.e. for their website and second, they build an online store stocked with products.

The reason why the first step is wrong, is that the name you choose for your website may not be the best possible one that is search engine friendly. It may not include critical keywords that relate to your website's theme.

The reason why the second step is wrong, is that an online store by itself will not rank high in the search engines. There isn't any "content" that will draw visitors to your website from the search engines.

I know because I have made these same mistakes many years ago. Fortunately I discovered the best way to make a website (new window opens) and a legitimate online business.

I know from my own experience that these methods work! My first website that I built following SiteSell's advice now ranks in the top 1% of all websites in the world after about one year's effort.

It doesn't take a lot of knowledge, I show you where to get that! It does take effort, time and a small amount of money.

Plan Your Legitimate Online Business

Every legitimate online business should begin with a detailed plan that maps your route to success. It begins with brainstorming your theme.

You may already have a business you want to put online. Or, you may be starting from scratch. Either way you will need to brainstorm your theme.

What are you passionate about? What do you know? What do you have experience with?

Lets say you like to travel. You want to start a legitimate online business and earn money from your travel knowledge.

Using SiteSell's Brainstorm It! tool that comes with Site Build It, (new window opens) you can enter seed words like "Italy" into the Brainstorm It! tool and discover the search terms that people have entered into search engines. This tool will help you discover your niche.

A niche is a subset of a larger theme that has enough interest to sustain traffic monthly, but has little competition.

While a theme of "travel" or "Italy" is too broad, you may discover a certain city or area in your search on Italy, that has thousands of people searching for it and yet few people have built a website about it.

If you have knowledge about this area you have discovered, you have found a profitable niche.

Register Your Domain Name

Only after you have discovered your niche, and have a list of 100 keywords, are you ready to register a domain name for your legitimate online business website.

Your domain name should be as simple as possible. It must include your theme's main keyword.

Registering your domain is a simple process if you order SiteSell's Site Build It. (new window opens) Your annual fee for Site Build It includes registering your domain name. No extra charge. Their software tools make it simple to register your domain name and setup your website.

If you don't use Site Build It, then you will have to manually register your domain name with a registrar such as Network Solutions or Tucows. Then you will have to have your web hosting company set up your domain name.

I have done it both ways. I recommend using SiteSell. It is cheaper, painless, and easy to do.

Build Content

Building a legitimate online business requires you to create content. Not just so-so content, but quality, useful information that people are searching for.

You should be passionate about your subject. When you are, your passion will show. This will attract others to your website. People will want to recommend your website to their friends. Webmasters will want to link their website to yours.

The keywords you brainstormed are critical to your content building. Each keyword of preferably three words or less, is the theme for each page.

In the case of a travel website about some city in Italy, let's say Rome, you would write about keywords such as "rome hotels", "map of rome", "rome airport", "rome tours", "rome car rental", "rome restaurants", etc. Each of these words I found using BrainStorm It!

As you create each page, you will use one keyword per page. This keyword must be in your filename, page title, page description, keywords meta tags. If you don't know about these terms, don't worry. Site Build It will automatically build your page from the info you provide it.

Throughout your page, you will sprinkle your keyword in strategic locations. You don't want to spam your page, by adding too many keywords. If you do, the search engines may drop your page. That is a big blunder.

Thankfully Site Build It can analyze your page and inform you where you need to make corrections to your page. Make any corrections you are warned about and your page will be acceptable to search engines.

If you choose to not use Site Build It, then you will be on your own. I haven't found any tool as effective as Site Build It. I have tried another tool, but with poor results.

Build Links

Building a legitimate online business requires you to create links to your website.

After you have 30 pages of quality content, you will be ready to start building links from other websites to your website. Without quality links, your pages, no matter how good, are unlikely to appear in the top 30 in search engine search results.

Until you have numerous pages ranking in the top 30 in search engines, you will not have free traffic to your website. If you don't have traffic, you can not monetize your website.

A link from a quality website to your website is a vote by that website. Search engines look for these "votes". In time, they will begin to rank your web pages higher in their search engine page results.

There are many ways to build links to your website. I would begin by getting listed in quality directories such as Yahoo, DMOZ, BOTW and others.

This step will require some money, but it is a quick way to get links.

You can find a partial list of directories at Choose the directories that have a PR of 4 or higher.

You can use Search It! (new window opens) to find additional niche directories that you can use in your link building program. Use "Inbound Link Opportunities" as your option for Select Search Category.

Other ways to build links are to write articles about your subject or theme. Post these articles on article websites such as Your article will get published in ezines and on websites. Each article has a resource box which includes a link back to your website.

A better way would be to swap articles with other quality websites. Write an article on your theme for a partner's website. Your article would have a link to your website. In return your partner would write an article that you publish on your website. A win-win situation for both parties.

A third way is to exchange links with other quality websites that are related to your theme but are not competitors. You can find partners using Value Exchange. (new window opens)

Monetize Your Website

Now your legitimate online business is ready to be monetized. If you have followed the steps I have published here, you will have growing traffic to your website.

The easy part is to make money from this traffic. You can use Google Adsense. Nothing I know of is easier than displaying Google™ ads on your theme based website. Each time someone clicks an ad you get paid!

Another way to monetize your website is to become an affiliate marketer of products that are related to your theme. I cover this subject in my article on affiliate businesses. With an affiliate business you do not need to stock products or ship them. The company you have an affiliate relationship with will do that for you.

A third way is to add a store to your website. You can sell products related to your theme directly from your website. You can use PayPal® or a merchant account to collect payment for your products.

You will need to handle orders for your customers unless you have a dropship arrangement with your supplier. If you sell a lot of products you may need to hire help. Such is the price of success.

A legitimate online business can be yours if you follow my tips in this article.

Good luck on your new online business.

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