Profitable Pet Business Ideas

Turn my pet business ideas into extra income or a full-time business. Why not profit from your love of dogs, cats, and other pets?

When deciding what pet business to enter, consider wh ich pets you like the most. Do you prefer dogs, or do you prefer cats? Do reptiles like snakes and lizards make you recoil in horror or not?

Your pet business should be centered around the animal you love most. If you love dogs consider these business opportunities:

If you love cats you can take the business ideas listed above and modify as appropriate for cats. The same goes for any pet.

Some of these pet business ideas can be implemented on a shoestring. Others will require a sizable investment in facilities or equipment.

Pets are pampered as never before. This offers you a legitimate home based business or a small business opportunity doing what you love.

Promoting Your Pet Business

Every business today should have a website. Even a local business with local customers will benefit. People search online to locate business services near them.

Your website should be more than a brochure. You should place helpful information that your customers are seeking. It could be grooming tips if you are a pet groomer. It could be nutritional information if you are in the dog treat or food business.

Articles about the benefits of exercise will help convince your customers they need your dog walking services. Helpful information gives your business credibility.

If you have customer testimonials, you can post them online too. Just be sure they meet the new FTC rules on testimonials. (new window)

Your website should have a map to locate your services. Of course you need a contact us form for email inquiries.

If building a website intimidates you, don't worry. It is not hard to create a website if you use SBI.

Take the video tour! (new window) and see for yourself. SBI teaches you everything you need to know to build a profitable website that works. It is the same system I use. I am very happy with SBI and I would not use any other tools.

You will find a website cheaper than advertising a display ad in your Yellow Pages phone book.

In the early days you should also run a small ad in your local newspaper. It takes time for a website to get traffic. Once you have reliable traffic then you can cut back on paid advertising.

If you love pets, then choose one of the pet business ideas above. Start a profitable business that rewards you for doing what you love.

Pet Business Ideas

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