Do you love music?
Teach piano lessons in your home!

Giving piano lessons is a great business idea. You can set your own hours. You can work out of your home. Your overhead is low. There isn't any reason why you have to be an impoverished music teacher. Treat it like a business!

Many piano teachers think they can only give piano lessons in the afternoon, evenings, and on weekends when children are home from school. Not true!

Piano Lessons Business

Many adults want to take music lessons too. Many adults are retired or work various hours during the day. If you are enterprising, there isn't any reason why you can't find students to fit your schedule.

If you also know how to teach organ, keyboard, guitar lessons or just about any musical instrument, you can expand your market.

No matter what instrument or instruments you want to teach, there is a strong demand for most common musical instruments.

Market Your Services

Teaching piano lessons is a business. Every business needs customers. You need to advertise to build any business. Music lessons are no different.

I remember my sister taking piano lessons. She would get off the school bus on the way home from school at her music teacher's home. The only advertising my sister's piano teacher did was place a large sign (size of a sheet of plywood) on her front lawn advertising piano lessons.

While a sign is fine, and you should do that if your local government allows signs in your front yard, remember, drive by traffic is a very limited market.

Today many people search the Internet for music lessons of every conceivable kind. Putting up a simple website advertising your services is very easy. I have done it several times.

You don't have to be a computer geek. Many moms are building websites about their interest or passion from home.

With the advent of website building tools like Site Build It!, (new window) anyone with basic computer skills can create a website. If you can type and click a mouse button, you know enough to build a website using Site Build It!

All you need to do is write articles about anything related to pianos. A content rich website will draw people searching for piano lessons, guitar lessons, keyboard lessons, organ lessons, etc. or whatever you write about.

A system like Site Build It! will also help you find what keywords people use to search for information online. You don't have to guess.

SiteSell, the company that developed Site Build It!, has created all the tools you need to create a website that works. Just follow their Action Guide and you will learn all that you need to know. It isn't difficult.

Many Site Build It! users have developed websites that rank in the top 1% of all websites on the web. I did! You can too!

I built a simple website for a friend to advertise his piano tuning business. He is already getting people seeking piano tuning, piano lessons, and new pianos. He offers all of these on his website.

I have noticed that he gets local people searching for his services. Since he has a business listing with the local telephone company, Google™ maps help direct people to his place of business and his website.

You can do this too. Get a business number so you get listed in the business section of your phone book. Several directories will most likely publish basic information about your business online too.

You can have your students, parents of students, or friends leave a short review about your piano lessons. If they link to your website, as they should, you will naturally get links that help push your website to the top of the search engines.

A website is an excellent way to get leads for a local business. Listen to the video below on how a landscape company used a website to find leads. It will work for you too!


Be sure to have some simple brochures made to advertise your piano business. Hand these out or mail them to potential students. Be sure to publish your website address on your brochure.

Yellow Pages

Advertising in the yellow pages of your local phone book is expensive. You can do that, but a website is cheaper.


If you have ValPak co-op advertising in your community, you could consider advertising there. This will cost more than a website, and you would need to advertise a few times a year to be effective.

Local Newspaper

Advertising in your local newspaper can also be effective, but expensive. As with any advertising, you need to do it on a regular basis. A person needs to see an ad as much as seven times before they will call you.


Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with potential students. If you have a website, you can email a bi-monthly newsletter to everyone that signs up on your website. Site Build It! has the ability to send your newsletter and maintain your mailing list.

Expand Your Online Business

When you put up a website to advertise your piano lessons, you can expand your online business by offering additional products. Since you are a musician, you can offer recordings on CD, or as a download, of your piano skill.

You also could offer music lessons books and sheet music that you write, re-sell, or join an affiliate program for sheet music such as

Brainstorming using SiteSell's Brainstorm It! will reveal what people are searching for online. Offer what interests you, and you will not only have a local business, but a global business.

I hope you can see that it is possible to earn a living teaching piano lessons, or any type of musical instruments for that matter. Treat your enterprise as a business and there isn't any reason why you shouldn't do well.

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