Start A Kettle Corn Popcorn Business And Be A Popping Success!

Owning a popcorn business can be a profitable way to earn money for part-time or full-time income. It is a simple business that doesn't require a college education or a huge investment.

The Popcorn Business

No doubt you have attended a fair or similar event and saw people lining up to purchase a bag or two of fresh kettle corn. The aroma wraiths pass your nose and you develop a craving for popcorn.

Popcorn is addicting. Especially carmel corn. Who can resist buying only one bag? At $4 and $6 per bag, you know that making kettle corn must be profitable when you see people standing in lines to get their popcorn.

Owning a popcorn business is much like any retail business. You will have good days where you can make $50 to $75 per hour. Then, you will also have a poor day, where poor weather puts a damper on your profits.

A kettle corn business is a local to regional business. It will require you to have a vehicle and trailer to cart your equipment and supplies to events. You might even want to invest in a travel trailer or tent for those events that are held over several days.

This is a business where you will be required to get a permit from the health department. Knowing what is required and where to get your permit will save you from having your business shut down.

I would recommend that you first research the popcorn business by reading what others in the business have written about their experience. Learning what works and what to avoid can save you both time, money, and grief.

My research turns up two resources that can help you decide if the kettle corn business is for you.

Eric and Velma own Velma's 'Wicked Delicious' Kettle Corn which is located in Worcester, Massachusetts. They wrote a 60 page eBook titled Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business.

In this book they cover the essentials of making kettle corn, a mixture of popcorn, sugar, salt, and corn oil.

They cover what equipment you will need and where to buy it. They can inform you on the merits of different kettles. They will share with you some shortcomings they have found in a few manufacturer's kettles that could affect your sales. Valuable information!

When operating a retail business where you have to deal with the health department inspectors, you will appreciate knowing what permits you need and what the inspectors are looking for during their inspections. Their experience can save you a lot of grief and keep you operating inside the law.

As with any business, you will want to know how to find sponsors of events that want you to set up a kettle corn business stand at their event. A website is an excellent way to attract both online retail customers and event sponsors.

The best way, from my experience, to build a website that attracts local customers is to use SBI. They do all the hard technical work. You just need to add quality content. You can find out more about how to use a website to attract local customers here.

Another resource that can help you start your business is a book titled "Gourmet Popcorn Business" by Tim Roncevich and Steven Primm. It is available at Amazon Books.

This book covers the gourmet popcorn business. It is a business book covering how to start and grow your own popcorn business. This book helps you market your gourmet popcorn to different clientele.

This can range from individual special events such as anniversaries, birthdays, and showers to larger corporate parties, swap meets, fairs and such like.

You will learn how to use strategic relationships to grow your business. This includes working with people from party planners to hotel sales and catering managers.

The wealth of information you can glean from these two resources will give you an edge over learning the ropes on your own efforts and mistakes.

Starting a gourmet popcorn business or a kettle corn business is not a get rich quick scheme. Hard work and a little capital will be required. If earning $50 or more an hour interests you, read these resources and decide for yourself if it is the right business for you.

Start Your Own Kettle Corn Business

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