Turn These
Profitable Business Ideas
Into A Lucrative Business!

Great profitable business ideas plus a little hard work is all that it takes to create these home based businesses. No college education is needed!

I have many friends who own their own businesses in the trades. Each of these friends live in large homes on large lots.

Now I grant you, not everyone will want to create these businesses. After all, they do require some hard work. If you don't mind a business where you will sweat, then read these profitable business ideas.

Profitbale Business Ideas

Cement Business

One friend of mine is in the cement business. He barely made it through high school. He only had a C grade average. Yet, today he is in his early fifty's, owns 25 apartments, and can enjoy the fruits of his labor.

One benefit of being in the cement business - you only work when temperatures are above 50 degrees. In the northern climes, this means my friend is off work from November through March.

My friend runs ads in the local community papers. He gets all the business he can handle. He has four employees who help him spread and hand trowel cement.

He mainly puts in driveways and patios. He uses a bulldozer to excavate the work area. In his early days he sub-contracted the bulldozer work. Today he owns his own bulldozer and trucks.

You will need a stake truck to carry your many wood forms. A dump truck is necessary to remove dirt and/or old cement or asphalt. If you have a bulldozer, you will also need a heavy duty trailer to transport it from job to job.

You can reduce your initial investment costs by sub-contracting the bulldozer and dump truck work.

Some cement contractors use a power troweling machine to smooth the cement. Some prefer to just use hand trowels. It's your choice.

If you don't mind a little hard work, this is a very profitable business idea.

Home And Commercial Builders

Another great profitable business idea is to become a home builder. While the market is in a recession as I write, this is a business that will turn around when the economy improves.

I have several friends who are either home builders or commercial builders. They all live in large homes you can easily call estates. They take Caribbean vacations every year.

I don't think any of these friends have a college education. They learned on the job from their fathers or worked as a carpenter for a year or two for another builder.

If you can read a blueprint, pound a few nails, and know about carpentry, consider becoming a home builder. You can cut your costs by sub-contracting your labor. One friend doesn't have any employees. When he needs another carpenter he sub-contracts the work out. This saves him paying wages and unemployment insurance fees.

If you have carpenter skills, consider buying old homes and duplexes. Re-model them and then resell them. We call this re-habbing! It can be a very profitable business idea.

If you can't sell your rehabbed homes, then rent them out, rent them out with an option to buy, or sell them and hold the mortgage, land contract, or trust deed. Get creative!


If you are a handy person, a jack-of-all-trades type, then consider this profitable business idea. Become a handyman!

Whether the economy is poor or great, things still break. You can fix them! I have hired a handyman to fix broken screens, re-varnish a weathered outside door, paint rooms, and repair vent fans and light fixtures.

If you are not talented with all of these skills, then specialize! My father-in-law, after he took early retirement, installed sky lights. They were very popular in Arizona where he lived at that time.

One thing to remember, the people in the trades can always create their own home based business.

Install Wood Floors

Here is another profitable business idea. Install new wood floors, sand wood floors, and varnish wood floors.

I know this can be a very profitable business. Another friend of mine is in the wood floor business. Like a lot of people in the trades, he started out working from home.

Today he is the largest wood floor contractor in the mid-west. With twenty vans and two installers per van he has all the business he can handle.

No college education is needed. My friend dropped out of high school. Today he lives in a million dollar plus estate on a lake.

The basic tools are a power nailing gun, saw, and wood floor sanders.

Most of the wood floors are installed in new homes. He gets most of his work by sub-contracting the work from home builders. He has a booth in home shows to generate new business from consumers.

After installing the wood floor, his crews sand them, apply a coat of varnish, and sand again until they have applied two to three coats of polyurethane.

Just be cautious applying the varnish. Be sure there isn't a gas fireplace with a lit pilot light. Another contractor I know of was killed when the pilot light in the fireplace ignited the fumes from the varnish. It caused an explosion that burned the new house down.

If you don't want to install wood floors, then consider just sanding and varnishing them. That is a business opportunity in itself.

Affiliate Marketing Online

I have saved the best for last. If you would rather not get your hands dirty, consider selling other people's products and services online as an affiliate marketer. Rosalind Gardner did. She wrote a very compelling manual entitled The Super Affiliate Handbook.

In this book she tells in great detail how she made $436,797 in one year selling other people's stuff online.

Affiliate marketing may well be the perfect home business. It is for me. Consider:

  • No Production Costs
  • Low Cost Startup
  • No Experience Required
  • Sell Almost Anything
  • No Merchant Accounts
  • No Inventory
  • No Order To Process
  • No Shipping
  • No Customer Service
  • Make Money 24/7
  • Work From Home
  • High Income Potential
  • Low Risk

You owe it to yourself to read my review of The Super Affiliate Handbook. It is a real profitable business to be in.

Well I hope these profitable business ideas inspire you to start your own home based business. Perhaps you will do as well as my friends.

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