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Small Town Business Ideas?

No matter where you live, you can implement these small town business ideas from home. True, small towns can offer a challenge. But times have changed.

With the advent of the Internet you can create an online business anywhere in the world that has telephone service.

Unless your small town is so remote, you likely can receive DSL high speed Internet service from your telephone company. If not, a simple telephone, modem, and your computer will work, howbeit at a much slower speed.

eBay Home Business

Selling goods on eBay®'s auction website is a popular way to earn money from home. In my article

Small Town Business IDeas

"How To Start An eBay Home Business" I cover the basic steps that you need to follow to setup your eBay business and gain some experience.

When you have the basics down pat, you will want to learn What To Sell On eBay. This article will tell you what other Powersellers are selling and making a good living.

Be sure to look around your small town for items to sell. Perhaps you have some local artists, or a pottery shop that you can buy from and re-sell online. Local specialties can give you an advantage that can't be found anywhere else.

Build A Website And Earn Money Online

Here is another small town business idea that can reap you a decent living online. Build a website around your passion. Everyone knows some information that others are seeking.

I built my first successful website around the puzzle Sudoku. Over 1,500 people a day from all over the world come for my tips and recommendations on Sudoku products.

How do I make money with this simple website? I cover that topic in my article "Earn Money Online - Ka-ching!".

You can follow these simple small town business ideas and earn money online too!

I have found, from experience, that the best way to learn how to build a website that works, is to follow SiteSell's advice. They created a free wonderful how-to action guide (new window opens) that takes the most technically challenged person and teaches them how to create a website that works. It worked for me and many others too!

Build An MLM Business Online

Here is a small town business idea you can do online too! Build an MLM business.

I suspect that the major reason why people don't do well in multi-level marketing (MLM) is because they don't like to sell. Yet, it is a well know fact that top earners often make over $100,000 annually.

When you build your business online, you no longer have to lose your self-esteem because people are rejecting you. It isn't personal, some people just have their own reason why they are not interested.

Today, network marketers are recruiting and selling their products through contacts of interested people that contact them online. You don't need to solicit anyone any more.

My article "Start An MLM Home Business That Pays You $100,000 Per Year" will point you in the right direction. You will learn how the Internet has revolutionized the MLM industry.

Infopreneur - Sell Information Online

Here is another small town business idea that you can do from anywhere there is a post office or Internet connection. Become an Infopreneur.

The demand for how-to information is always waiting for an infopreneur to meet that need. With just a computer you can create a report, ebook, or book on the subject of your interest. Then sell it online!

We all have some knowledge or interest we can share with others. As I said earlier, my first successful website was based on Sudoku. I plan on selling my own eBooks online.

Let the pros at SiteSell show you how to sell information online. (new window opens) One man sells his grandmother's recipes online in an eBook. It's not too hard to compile a recipe book is it? You don't have to have the writing skills of Ernest Hemingway. Just good grammar and spelling will do.

Non-Computer Small Town Business Ideas

Now for the folks who don't own a computer or never what to, I have a couple of small town business ideas for you too.


Every small town needs a handyman. The further away your town is from major cities, the more valuable your handyman skills will be. Think of everything that can break in a home. If you can fix them, you will always have work even in a small town.

From broken screens to doors that need re-varnishing, there is a need for you. Can you replace light fixtures? Can you repair a damaged carpet where a dog scratched a bare spot? The more you can do, the more you can make.

Mailorder Business

Long before the Internet became a household word, products were bought and sold through mailorder. While many mailorder companies also use a website today to take orders, a catalog or flyer and sales letter plus a return envelope still works.

I once worked for a mailorder company that sold business furniture. The owner started his business selling a wood desk to pastors. He never stocked anything. Everything was dropshipped from the manufacturer.

He would first send out his mailing piece. His customers would order by mail or by telephone. Next he would send the order to the manufacturer by fax. The manufacturer then would ship the furniture to the customer. The difference between retail and wholesale was his to keep. The manufacturer received the wholesale price.

Can you think of anything that is made in your small town that could be shipped by mail or by freight? Not only would you be building a business for yourself, but you will also be helping your local economy.

If not, then either create your own product or contact some wholesalers like Worldwide Brands.

This short list of small town business ideas is only a drop in the bucket. Read the other articles on this website. There are many business ideas you can use in any small town from your home.

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