2 Unique Business Ideas

Turn asparagus into cash! Here are two unique business ideas that will keep you smiling all the way to the bank!

A recent article in my local newspaper about a small asparagus farm prompted me to research this unique home based business opportunity.

I never thought much about asparagus as a home based business.

Probably because it is my least liked vegetable. But after reading the article and doing a little research I changed my mind. Asparagus offers unique business ideas worth exploring.

There are two ways to earn money from asparagus. The first is to grow a crop and sell it. The other is to build an online business around the topic of asparagus.

Unique Business Ideas #1 - Start an Asparagus Farm

Farming is the original home based business. You don't need large acreage to grow asparagus. Kathy Allen's asparagus farm in Cottage Grove is only 15 acres. That is just a hobby farm size.

Yet, she employs 15 people to help her harvest the early spring crop. Asparagus is a perennial. Plant it once, and it comes up year after year with good maintenance. Ten to fifteen years from one planting is common.

Unlike other common crops, asparagus is even less common. That is, you have less competition from large commercial growers. In Wisconsin, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, only 250 acres of asparagus is grown in the state on 225 farms.

Asparagus grows rapidly. Six inches per day is not unusual. The crop produces for two months. Only the young shoots are harvested. Kathy Allen's fifteen acres produce a crop of 600 pounds per day on average.

She sells all of her produce in her farm store and to a dozen supermarkets in the capital city. Her crop sells for $3.50 per pound. Discounts are given for large purchases.

I would create a simple website to promote this business. Every business needs a website today.

Your local customers will check your website to see when your crop is ready. They also will check for recipes and just about everything that pertains to asparagus. It is a great way to market your business.

I recommend that you use Site Build It! (new window) to build your website. You don't need to know how to create a website, you just need to love asparagus. Site Build It! takes care of the technical issues.

To learn more about growing asparagus contact the Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board. (www.asparagus.com)

Unique Business Ideas #2 - Start an Asparagus Online Business

Farming is a lot of hard work. Starting an online business using unique business ideas is much easier and it costs far less than starting a farm. The advantage to owning an online business is you don't need to hire extra help.

You can work from home anytime of the day. Your products can sell 24/7/365. Write a page once, and it can reap a profit nearly forever.

An online business requires a lot of people searching for information you can provide. Do people search online for asparagus?

I used Brainstorm It! ( new window) to find out. I was astonished when I researched this unique home based business opportunity. Over 38,000 people search for asparagus a month. I found this to be a very tight niche.

Here are just ten of some of the most popular keyword searches people use to find information on asparagus.

  • How to grill asparagus
  • Grilled asparagus recipe
  • How to cook asparagus
  • How to grow asparagus
  • Planting asparagus
  • Harvesting asparagus
  • Asparagus steamer
  • Asparagus recipes
  • History of asparagus
  • How long do you grill asparagus

Do you raise asparagus in your garden? Do you know how to plant and harvest asparagus? Do you know how to grill or cook asparagus? Do you have asparagus recipes? If you do, you know enough to write an informational website about this topic.

Thousands of people search for different topics on asparagus. The good news is this is a niche that doesn't have a lot of competition.

When you write numerous articles about asparagus around the keywords Brainstorm It! identifies as "solid potential", you will generate free organic traffic from the search engines.

Only after you have traffic can you monetize your website.

How To Monetize Your Asparagus Website

Can you make money online with an asparagus website? I believe it is possible. Many people want to know how to grow the crop. Many more want to know how to cook this vegetable. If you sell products related to what people want, you can earn money online.

The most profitable products I would expect would be your own. If you can compile a recipe cook book or a "How To Grow Asparagus" ebook, you get to keep all the profits. Sell your ebook through ClickBank.com.

ClickBank also gives you the opportunity to sell your eBook through affiliates. How would you like to have other people selling your ebook for you? Offer a commission, say 50%, and watch your profits grow.

ClickBank can handle your commissions to your affiliates with ease. That is their business.

Google Adsense offers you a way to earn money from your website. Just place Google ads on your website. Every time someone clicks an ad, you get paid! It is the easiest way to earn money online.

You can also earn money from your website through affiliate marketing. Making money selling other people's products online is a popular income source. For instance, you could join Amazon's affiliate program.

Every time someone looks for an asparagus steamer, you could refer your website visitor to Amazon. If they buy an asparagus steamer or a book about asparagus through your link, you earn a commission. Simple!

You can build a website on any cheap web host. But if you want to rank in the top 3% of all websites in the world for free traffic, only Site Build It! delivers.

Compare Site Build It! (new window) to the other cheap web hosts. I wish I would have bought Site Build It! sooner. I wasted about seven years on another web host. Now my first SBI website ranks in the top 1% in only one year.

Well I hope my article on asparagus unique business ideas gives you the encouragement to start your own asparagus business. The potential is there. Go get it!

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